Founded in 1980 by Pergel Alajos, ADAMET is a third generation family-owned and operated metal processing company. During its long history, the company takes pride in its reputation which has been built over the years of ceaseless work. By setting realistic goals andAdapter proizveden u AdaMet pogon pre 30god. AdaMet Ada aiming towards precision, ADAMET has grown gradually despite the hardships of our country’s numerous economic crises. Since metal processing is the company’s main business scope, by using universal and CNC machines, we provide a wide range of services – scraping, milling, grinding, drilling etc. With the ability to custom produce machine tool parts, we are able to serve internationally. What is more, our own product for changing mechanical turning, the Adapter – has been on the market for 30 years. However, in the last few years it was superseded by its other, electric versions. Suitably equipped, our company employs nine people. With a friendly work environment, considerable experience and restless energy, we are ready to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

We aim to improve by following realistic goals!